Students With Special Needs Enjoy Best Buddies Eventfriday night pyjama party and dance - photo

Pizza, pop, pyjamas and dancing! What more can a teenager ask for on a Friday evening? Well, that’s exactly what students from Kohai, Greenwood, and The French School of Toronto got when they congregated at The French School of Toronto on Friday, January 16, 2015. 

The Best Buddies program hosted a teen dance with a pyjama theme, for students who are part of this group, which include Kohai students from Room 3.

Students attended in their pyjamas and ate, danced and socialized for the duration of the 2-hour dance. The Kohai students seemed to enjoy meeting students from other schools.

All students also had their names entered into a draw for a variety of prizes, such as Best Buddies t-shirts and scarves and even some movie tickets. Whether they won a prize or not all the students had a great time. Many room 3 students were still talking about the dance when school started again on Monday morning.

Events like this one help to integrate our students into the community. The opportunity to participate in teenaged-appropriate extracurricular activities with friends from school is an exciting break from a regular routine. It’s also a chance to develop social skills in a new setting. As a teacher at Kohai, I’m really pleased with the positive outcome of the Best Buddies dance and what other skills and experiences the programme events can offer to my students.


Virginia – Room 3 teacher