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Making a Meal in a Slow Cooker at Kohai

Students learn skills for independence while planning and cooking together As a component of our integrated life skills programme, our intermediate students have started working on making warm and hearty meals in a slow cooker. Their first project has been to develop...

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The Royal Winter Fair

  Toronto Special Needs School Trip As a teacher at Kohai, as school for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder,  I am always looking for teachable moments. A few weeks ago one of these moments occurred during snack time. While we were eating, one of my students held...

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We want to thank you for your incredible patience and more importantly, for the unbelievable difference Kohai has made in Rachel’s life over the past years. Lorne & Julia

When you’ve seen the experience of education through my son’s eyes, you know just how important this place really is. Valerie Grundy

Brian has been a student at Kohai Educational Centre for 13 years now. The school has made a huge difference in his life and ours. Karen

Parent Testimonials:

Our daughter, Ally, moved to Kohai after spending two years in the public school system. The teachers at Kohai have creatively worked to find “ways in” to teach Ally to allow her to achieve her maximum potential. We are so appreciative of the dedication and support that Kohai has provided not only to Ally but to our whole family. Ally's Parents

Our son, Matthew, looks forward to school every day at Kohai. The skills he has learned at Kohai have been invaluable. Our family is now able to dine in a restaurant, go to a movie and even travel. Our family is grateful to the dedicated staff at Kohai. Brad & Kathy

Kohai provided a firm foundation for both Zaier & Akhtar, who joined this school as toddlers. Academically they are already ahead of their peers in a public school setting. Kohai embellished their personality by giving them confidence, discipline and versatility. Their personal and social skills, gross motor and fine motor skills, imagination and communication were developed at Kohai to the mark of excellence. For them, Kohai meant a life filled with the treasures of learning and exploring… They loved coming to school every day!

Kohai we love you and we are proud to be a part of the Kohai family! Saima