The programmes at Kohai are changing. Beginning in Fall 2018, we will shift our focus entirely to our programme for adults, Kohai LIFE. The 2017-2018 school year will be the last year that the Primary and Intermediate Programmes will be offered. Students in the Senior Programme will be integrated into Kohai LIFE. See our Kohai LIFE page for details. 

The Kohai Approach, it’s unique and it works. Taking an individualised approach to our students’ education, we design lessons and learning goals that are tailor-made for students with a range of learning challenges including those diagnosed with ASD and GDD.

We teach students in small groups because we believe in the value of peer interaction. Learning to take turns, listen to others, engage in conversation and respond to another’s words all help to foster friendships and produce positive academic results. 1 to 1 learning within classroom groups allows teachers to target areas of academic need and continue to develop a curriculum unique to each learner.

Our unique blend of academic content and life skills training makes the Kohai programme an excellent choice for students with learning challenges. We’ve been teaching students with special needs for over 40 years, always considering the latest research and developments while maintaining our core values. Using teaching strategies to change synapses in the brain, we work with the brain’s plasticity, building new pathways, making links and developing visualisations of concepts. Learning effective thinking patterns gives students tools to process information and new situations.

Our full curriculum, individualised approach and blend of 1 to 1 and small group learning makes Kohai Educational Centre a place where your child can thrive.

Our approach to teaching is built on proven principles that include:


  1. Individualized Education Plan (IEP): Based on an initial assessment each student is provided with an IEP that identifies uniquely appropriate curriculum modifications and accommodations to achieve classroom success.
  1. Strategic Student Grouping: Students are grouped according to chronological age, language, and group skills to ensure they get the most from peer interactions and social group skills. Students work, learn and play in a group.
  1. Behaviourist Approach to Learning: To ensure student success, all learning tasks are analyzed and segmented into small teachable, reachable steps for each student.
  2. Technology in the Classroom: We utilize technology in the classroom in conjunction with our lessons to support our students in achieving their individual goals.