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Parents play an important role in their child’s education. As educators at Kohai, we aim to strengthen our students in the areas of academics, life skills and social skills. We offer guidance and support to families to continue the pursuit of these goals at home. Understanding the importance of parental involvement, we offer parent-teacher meetings and detailed report cards each term and additional support on request. Through the KPA, parents can get involved in social activities and connect with other families.

Kohai Parents Association

The KPA is actively involved in Kohai events throughout the year. The association focuses on networking, providing support and sharing information with each other as parents/guardians of children with special needs and learning challenges. The KPA organises social events for families that include activities such as bowling, swimming and trips to the movies. They also organise fundraising initiatives for the school.

Parent Testimonials

Our staff of dedicated professionals work hard to ensure that our students receive the best individualised learning experience based on their needs. The skills learned at Kohai benefit not only our students but their families as well.

Here’s what Kohai parents have to say:

Our daughter Ally moved to Kohai after spending two years in the public school system. The teachers at Kohai have creatively worked to find “ways in” to teach Ally to allow her to achieve her maximum potential. We are so appreciative of the dedication and support that Kohai has provided not only to Ally but to our whole family.

Ally’s parents

Kohai provided a firm foundation for both Zaier & Akhtar, who joined this school as toddlers. Academically they are already ahead of their peers in a public school setting. Kohai embellished their personality by giving them confidence, discipline and versatility. Their personal and social skills, gross motor and fine motor skills, imagination and communication were developed at Kohai to the mark of excellence. For them, Kohai meant a life filled with the treasures of learning and exploring. They loved coming to school every day! Kohai we love you and we are proud to be a part of the Kohai family!


We want to thank you for your incredible patience and more importantly, for the unbelievable difference Kohai has made in Rachel’s life over the past years.

Lorne and Julia

Our son, Matthew, looks forward to school every day at Kohai. The skills he has learned at Kohai have been invaluable. Our family is now able to dine in a restaurant, go to a movie and even travel. Our family is grateful to the dedicated staff at Kohai.

Brad and Kathy

Brian has been a student at Kohai Educational Centre for 13 years now – the school has made a huge difference in his life – and ours. My experience with the public school system before Brian came to Kohai was that I always felt judged – that it was my fault that the child I brought them didn’t fit their programme, and any issues were a failure on our side to bring them the right kind of student, and I was supposed to fix them. He started at Kohai when he was 8 years old and we’re continually changing and adding new challenges.


Kohai has become part of Tom’s life, a second home. He is safe there and loves to go there. He is now in the adult program, where emphasis is less on academics and more on practical aspects of life. We credit Kohai with building on Tom’s basic wonderful personality, to turn him into a caring, helpful, socially mature, well-behaved individual; we can take him anywhere, locally or to foreign countries.

Dr. Paul and Mary Devenyi

Eleanor attends the senior programme at Kohai, designed for adults. This has been a lifesaver as she is encouraged to read and write, to hold conversations and to perfect her knowledge of the daily routines of living. Without Kohai and its excellent staff and the long years of patient teaching, Eleanor would not be the mature adult she is today, capable of living on her own, with support.

Madelyn and Bill Dick

When you’ve seen the experience of education through my son’s eyes, you know just how important this place really is.

Valerie Grundy