Students learn skills for independence while planning and cooking together

cooking 1

As a component of our integrated life skills programme, our intermediate students have started working on making warm and hearty meals in a slow cooker. Their first project has been to develop a stew recipe they liked and the whole class could share in the making of. After reviewing a basic recipe and talking about the steps involved in cooking it, the class made shopping lists of the ingredients they would prefer to use and then participated in a negotiation process to decide what ingredients would go into their collaborative stew recipe. Beginning with a recipe that called for potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, mushrooms, canned kidney beans, frozen peas, and frozen corn, it was agreed the classroom batch would include a vegetable stock for the vegetarians in the group. All students helped to chop the vegetables and reference the recipe, adding ingredients when it was time. The stew has been a popular classroom lunch choice especially after a morning spent skating followed by a brisk walk back to school. When asked to rate and give an opinion about the stew most students said they thought it was delicious. Some students said they would like to try other ingredients, such as different spices, other types of vegetables, and some suggested adding meat. We look forward to making more one pot wonders and sharing our creations!

Virginia Trott – Room 3 teacher