The programmes at Kohai are changing. Beginning in Fall 2018, we will shift our focus entirely to our programme for adults, Kohai LIFE. The 2017-2018 school year will be the last year that the Primary and Intermediate Programmes will be offered. Students in the Senior Programme will be integrated into Kohai LIFE. See our Kohai LIFE page for details. 

Programmes for Every Learner

Kohai Educational Centre is a place where your child can thrive. We develop the delivery of our curriculum to meet the needs and learning styles of our students as individuals. At Kohai, parents see big changes in their child’s academic achievements and excitement for learning. Offering schooling for the short or long term, we support students and families with three stages of education including Primary (for kindergarten to junior high-aged students, offered until June 2018), Intermediate (for teenaged students, offered until June 2018) and Senior (for adult learners, merging with Kohai LIFE in Fall 2018). We design programmes that work.

Primary Programme (coming to an end in June 2018)

Our Primary Programme is designed for learners in the kindergarten to junior high school age range. Class sizes are 2:1-5:1 and are determined by age and ability. Students receive a full academic curriculum that includes art, music and phys-ed. A focus is put on academics, social skills and group interaction while teaching students how to be a part of a class. Some students join this programme to gain assistance reaching grade level and others graduate to our Intermediate Programme. The Primary Programme will be offered until June 2018.

Intermediate Programme (coming to an end in June 2018)

Our Intermediate Programme offers teenaged students a full academic curriculum that includes art, music and phys-ed. In addition to math, reading, spelling and technology, students learn skills to prepare them for life after graduation and opportunities that can include further education, joining the workforce, volunteering and living independently. With life-long support and learning goals in mind, we help to facilitate placements post-graduation, either outside of the school or in our Senior Programme. The Intermediate Programme will be offered until June 2018.

Senior Programme (to merge with Kohai LIFE in Fall 2018)

Designed for our adult learners who wish to continue attending school after our Intermediate Programme, our Senior Programme focuses on life skills for independent living and the continuation of academic learning. Working in a friendly group, students plan and prepare meals, work on class assignments both independently and collaboratively and cover academic content that has relevancy in their adult lives. The Senior Programme will merge with Kohai LIFE in Fall 2018.

Kohai LIFE

Kohai LIFE is an exciting new programme geared towards those 18 years and older who want to continue learning and developing life and social skills while having fun in small groups. Running on weekdays from 9 am-4 pm and with themes that include employment skills, meal preparation and social outings with friends, participants continue to develop skills, attending the programme on a daily or weekly basis.